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Finding Aids

Finding Aids

| The Heritage Room Collection contains over 150 manuscript collections. The documents and photographs contained in these collections are primary sources that document the industrial, social, and cultural history of Corona. The finding aids provide a brief description of the collection and an inventory of all the materials belonging to the collection. Please note that some collections are stored offsite and require advance notification for retrieval. Contact the Heritage Room at 951-279-3593 to request retrievals in advance of your visit.


List of Special Collections


M001 - Emma "Ocie" Taylor Songer Collection
The Emma (known as Ocie) Taylor Songer Collection provides the researcher with a personal view of early Corona history. Emma Josephine "Ocie" Taylor Songer was the daughter of Corona founder Robert B. Taylor and Emma Mason Taylor.


M002 - Robert B. Taylor Collection
The Robert B. Taylor collection provides invaluable information on Corona’s earliest days and its principal founder, Robert B. Taylor.


M003 - Janet Williams Gould Early California Collection
Janet Williams Gould, known to many in Corona as "The Duchess," she was also the first in Corona to recognize the inherent danger in not drawing attention to irreplaceable cultural resources. This manuscript collection contains the personal notes, collected correspondence, personal correspondence, newspaper clippings, and bibliographic references of Janet Williams Gould.


M004 - Howard & Irene Ware Collection
Howard & Irene (Nonhuf) Ware were long time residents of Corona. Some years after going to work for his uncle at Corona Lumber, Howard and his brother Frank took over the lumber business as partners. For 47 years, until his retirement in 1958, Howard was involved in this successful enterprise. Shortly after Howard retired he & Irene began to actively collect Corona memorabilia. The Ware Collection provides insight into the couple, local businesses, World War I & II, Temescal Tin Mines, Corona Road Races, Dr. Root, local families, Office of Price Administration and the history of Corona.

M005 - Exchange Lemon Products Collection  
In 1915, California Fruit Growers Exchange organized a company, the Exchange By-Products Company to manufacture by-products from lower grades of lemons. In 1921, the name was changed to Exchange Lemon Products Company to differentiate it from orange processing plants. In 1958, the Exchange Lemon Products Company merged with Sunkist Growers, Inc. in order to ensure the most effective use of the processing plants and their marketing capabilities. It became known as the Lemon Products Division for Sunkist Growers, Inc. All operations ceased in 1983 when Sunkist opened a new facility in Tipton.

M006 - Mines & Mining Collection
Mining has been a part of Corona’s history since 1888 when the Temescal Rock Quarry was opened to furnish rock for macadamizing streets in Los Angeles and nearby towns. The majority of the collection contains photos of Blue Diamond Mining activities. Newspaper, magazine and journal articles concerning mining in the area are part of the collection, inlcuding information on the Temescal Tin Mining operations.

M008 - Mary Kroonen Savage Collection
Mary Kroonen Savage was born in Corona on February 24, 1905 to Leo Kroonen and Mary Walkinshaw Kroonen. Savage’s parents moved to Corona in 1891, where her father Leo helped to build many of Corona’s fine old homes. Savage’s mother, Mary, was from the Eastvale and then later Rincon area, and died at 100 as the county’s oldest native. This collection contains personal history of Mary Savage’s family, including genealogy charts and photographs, correspondence between her and other notable Coronans, and research conducted by Savage on early Corona history.

M009 - Woman's Improvement Club Collection
The Woman’s Improvement Club of Corona was formed in February, 1899 as the Town Improvement Association of Corona, California. It soon became the Woman’s Improvement Club. The building itself, now on the National Historic Register, was built in 1913 on a site donated by Mrs. E.L. S. Joy and Mrs. W. H. Jameson. The organization is responsible for starting the Corona Humane Society, the City Sanitation Department,
Settlement House, and they took on the care and planting of city parks until the city provided park maintenance. In recent years they donate significant amounts to the Settlement House, The Make a Wish Foundation, and provide scholarships for local high school students.

M010 - Historical Society of Corona Collection
The Andrew Carnegie Library of Corona closed its' doors on July 3, 1971, having served the community well for 65 years. Corona City Council then had to decide what to do with the building, which needed to be brought up to code. An Ad Hoc Committee, Keep Our Old Library, was formed with members of the Corona Art Association, Woman's Improvement Club, Chamber of Commerce, and interested individuals from the community. Jean Bobbitt was elected their first President. Recognition of her efforts were noted by many, resulting in her being elected to be the first President of the Riverside County Historical Society Historical Congress on October 1, 1977.  Jean C. Bobbitt tendered her resignation as President of the Historical Society of Corona on 25 October 1977. No one stepped up to take her place at the Historical Society and the organization was dissolved.

M013 - Soroptimist Club Collection

Soroptimist Club of Corona is a women’s service club that was chartered on February 27, 1947. The mission of the Soroptimist International of Corona is “to improve the lives of women and girls, through programs leading to social and economic empowerment.”  The collection includes administrative, membership, and program records, as well as, scrapbooks, artifacts, and photographs.

M024 - Biographical Document File Collection
This collection is composed of a variety of people who had some history with the city of Corona. The items are mostly biographical in nature; however, some files contain extensive family history such as newspaper clippings, family trees, photocopies of photos and property deeds.


M029 - Gleason Family Collection
Drs. J.C. Gleason & Flora S. Gleason received their homeopathic medical degrees from the Medical College of Iowa City, Iowa and later married. In December, 1887, they moved to South Riverside (Corona) where for several years they were the only physicians in the City. The collection provides extensive information on early medical care at the beginning of the 20th century in Corona, family correspondence the gives a soldier’s account of the Filipino-American War,and a diary that provides insight into the life of a teenage girl in 1912 in a small town.

M030 - Corona Historic Preservation Society Collection
The Corona Historic Preservation Society (CHPS) was originally known as the Corona Historic Preservation Group. The organization was founded on May 14, 1983 to address the preservation efforts in Corona and educate the community about Corona's history. The collection includes administrative and financial records as well as correspondence and publications produced by the organization.


M044 - Corona Newcomer's Club Collection
In February, 1966 the City of Corona Recreation Department originated a program to bring together recent arrivals to the area so they might learn more of their new town and its people.

M061 - California State Archives Collection
The California State Archives collections document the broad scope of California government and its impact on the people of the state. In 1989, the W.D. Addison Heritage Room purchased photocopies of articles of incorporation from the California State Archive. The collection contains copies of incorporation records for Corona businesses and institutions. The records date from 1886 to 1950.



M064 - R.H. Verity, Sons & Company Collection (in processing)



M070 - Corona Calendar Collection
The Corona Calendar Collection is an assortment of calendars with Corona themes or by Corona associations. They encompass almost one hundred years of calendars created by and for Coronans. Thematically, they range from official, professional calendars, to Citrus Label and Centennial calendars.


M077 - Noah Smith Joseph & Anna Lula Joseph Ritchie Collection
Noah Smith Joseph moved his family to Corona in 1889. He moved into a mountain ranch in what is now the Joseph/Fisher Canyon. In 1900, a company of Seventh-day Adventists was organized in his home in Corona.


M082 - Readers Club Collection
The Readers, an organization of Corona women, grew out of the nationally known Delphian Society.A chapter of the Delphian Society was formed on April 11, 1923 at the Woman’s Improvement Club. The purpose of the Society was primarily educational and for the personal development of its members. The minutes themselves give serendipitous insights to the life of the well-to-do in early Corona. The bank and treasurer’s records reflect an early twentieth century economy. The reading tastes and programs reveal life in the twenties and thirties and both world wars.


M100 - First Congregational Church Collection
This collection consists of the First Congregational Church’s documents, receipts, newsletters, bulletins and records dating from the 1930’s through the late 1980’s. The bulletins and newsletters announce the day’s service, prayers, psalms, as well as various activities, and meetings which would have occurred during this time period.



M101 - Orange Heights Orange Association (OHOA) Collection (in processing)


M120 - Corona Municipal Court Collection
The origins of the Corona Municipal Court date to the founding in 1903 of the Temescal Judicial District. The district provided court services for the Rincon and Temescal townships. The collection includes dockets from traffic, civil, and criminal court cases from 1903-1953.


M122 - Corona Heights Water Company / Rolla Cook Collection
Water development can be directly linked to land development throughout Southern California, the Corona Heights Water Company Collection provides documentation of this connection on a local level. The collection contains various documents from the Corona Heights Water Company, a company made up primarily of stockholders based in Los Angles, California, who entered into a water development agreement with the City of Corona.



M129 - Corona Daily Independent Collection (in processing)


M134 - Tomislav Gabric Collection
Architect Tomislav Gabric was born in Yugoslavia in 1933. Gabric's eye for detail can be seen in this collection of pen & ink drawings of Corona houses, his Croatian homeland, European monuments & buildings, and the California Missions.


M135 - Thomas Ranch Manuscript Collection
Thomas Ranch is a 38-acre parcel of land located in Corona, CA, south of Palisades Drive and west of Serfas Club Drive. From 1941 until 1942, oil companies disposed of waste on the property. The Department of Toxic Substances Control provides oversight of investigative and cleanup activities at Thomas Ranch. The collection includes Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs) and other publications produced by the Department of Toxic Substances Control.

M136 - Corona Citrus Labels Collection
The Corona Citrus Labels Collection is one of the Heritage Room’s most prized possessions, and a treasure for any researcher of the citrus industry or late 19th and early 20th century advertising.Our collection compromises 42% of all known existing Corona citrus labels dating from before 1906 and up until the mid to late 1950s (when the labels were no longer produced).


M137 - Wyle Laboratories Manuscript Collection
The Wyle Laboratories site is located at 1841 Hillside Avenue in the City of Norco, Riverside County, California. The Wyle site operated as a commercial testing facility since 1957 for a number of markets including defense. The Department of Toxic Substances Control provides oversight of investigative and cleanup activities at Wyle Labs. The collection includes Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs) and other publications produced by the Department of Toxic Substances Control.


M139 - The Former IMCO Waste Disposal Area Collection
The former IMCO Waste Disposal Area site is located at 1462 Quarry Street in the City of Corona, Riverside County, California. The Site owner, 6th and Radio Road Business Park II, LLC, entered into a Voluntary Cleanup Agreement (VCA) with Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) on December 12, 2003. The goal of the VCA is to evaluate the risk to public health and the environment from chemicals of concern at the Site, and to ensure that the area is cleaned-up to levels acceptable for future industrial and commercial use under the oversight of DTSC. The collection includes Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs) and other publications produced by the Department of Toxic Substances Control.


M140 - Corona Chapter #3611 AARP Collection
On November 18, 1983 the Corona Chapter #3611 of the AARP was created, members worked with the City of Corona’s Senior Center to provide services to Corona’s older persons.The collection includes articles of incorporation, bylaws, correspondence and newsletters.


M145 - High Tower Comics Collection
High Tower Comics is Corona’s first comic book publisher. The publishing company was founded by Corona native John C. Narcomey, Jr. (Creative Director/ Graphic Novelist) and Southern California native Jacob Crippen (Illustrator). The collection includes copies of their comics and well as promotional materials.

M146 - Serrano Collection

In 1879 Francisco (II) and Concepcion (Aros) Serrano moved their family to Prado and established the Serrano Ranch. After the move to Prado Francisco opened a general store in the area and a combination general/hardware store in Corona. Francisco and Concepcion lived in Prado until their deaths in 1922 and 1938. The family resided at the home they built until the Army Corps of Engineers began construction of the Prado Dam in 1938.

M147 - James Philip & Robert Stewart Beggs Collection
This is a personal collection from the Beggs brothers, James Philip & Robert Stewart. The collection provides the researcher with information pertaining to Corona High School during the years 1932-1945.  Also of significance are the World War II memorabilia from James Philip Beggs’ service in the Army during World War II. Personal as well as official military correspondence, propaganda materials, military honors, military newspapers and magazines encompass this collection.

M154 - Talbert Image Collection

Darrell Talbert is a longtime resident of Corona who collects images, documents, and ephemera related to South Riverside, Corona, and the Inland Empire. The Talbert Image Collection consists of plate glass negatives and postcards that were formerly part of Mr. Talbert’s private collection. The images contained on the negatives and postcards document the citrus industry, transportation, local businesses, private residences, and landscape of the region.

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