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About Us


The Corona Public Library welcomes and supports all people in the enjoyment of reading and pursuit of lifelong learning. Working together, we strive to provide access to information, ideas and knowledge through books, technology, programs, services and other resources. We believe in the freedom to read, to learn and to discover.



We see the Corona Public Library as the vital center for informational and educational services, programs and cultural activities in the city by creating an open atmosphere, embracing new ideas and changes, and by making use of developing technologies and training staff to implement those services.


As the public library for the City of Corona, we strive to:

♦ Provide equal access to information and materials through free basic library service and adherence to the Library Bill of Rights.
♦ In the spirit of multiculturalism, meet informational, educational, cultural, social and recreational needs of a diverse clientele.
♦ Provide materials and information that are current, in a variety of formats, and covering a wide range of subjects and points of view.
♦ Serve as a comprehensive research resource for the history of the city, its inhabitants and its dwellings.
♦ Stay at the forefront of computer technology to enhance information seeking possibilities, and promote computer literacy to ensure access for all. 
♦ Encourage the young to use and enjoy our Library in order to promote the lifelong joy of reading.
♦ Provide outreach assistance to the elderly and non-English speaking persons in a variety of ways.
♦ Recruit and train service-oriented staff who provide the professional link to the Library's collections, facilities and services.
♦ Maintain facilities that are comfortable and accessible.
♦ Be accountable for the efficient use of the assets of this Library.
♦ Integrate the values of the city's corporate culture program into the daily work activities of the Library.


Role in the Community:
To promote community awareness of and reliance on the Library as the informational, educational, cultural, technological, and activity center of Corona.
Basic Service: To offer exceptional and innovative basic services to all members of the community.
Extended Services: To extend the role and access to the resources, and services of the Library beyond those now focused, principally, upon the Library's central facility, functions, and resources.
Funding: To create and expand Library funding through entrepreneurial activities; gifts, endowments and grants; and partnerships with community businesses and agencies.
Technology: To utilize on-going advancements in technology in order to provide the best quality of services to the citizens of the Corona area.
Staff Development: To enhance and optimize the staff's ability to provide quality service to the public and to work effectively together to help fulfill the Library's mission and goals.
Library Board Development: To provide vision and support for the Library and to expand the Library's sphere of influence in the community. 

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